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The TOYOGO Square Basin is a versatile and essential tool for various cleaning and washing needs. Made from durable and High-Quality, this basin is designed to withstand regular use and is safe for all your tasks.

With its multipurpose design, the basin can handle a wide range of jobs. Whether it's washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning around the house, or even doing laundry, this basin is up for the task. Its spacious and square shape allows for efficient use of space and makes it ideal for different applications.

The basin's sturdy construction enables it to carry heavy weights with ease, making it a reliable companion for various chores. Whether you're washing clothes or handling cleaning tasks, you can trust the it to get the job done. It caters to both indoor and outdoor use, from hawker centres to home uses, making it a versatile choice for a variety of environments.

The basin's stackable configuration further enhances its convenience. When not in use, you can stack multiple basins together, saving valuable storage space and keeping your area neat and organized.

Designed with rounded edges and easy-to-carry features, the basin is user-friendly and comfortable to handle. Its functional design ensures a seamless and efficient experience for all your cleaning and washing needs. Choose the TOYOGO Square Basin for a reliable and multipurpose solution, whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area.

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Material: 100% Polypropylene(PP)
FDA Approved
Microwave safe:
Product of: Singapore
Manufactured in: Malaysia
Instructions: Wash this product before using for using for the first time

L29.5 X W29.5 X H13cm (Bottom: D23)


PINK (530-PNK)
  • PINK (530-PNK)