RT.BSB. 25S TW RT.BOX W/COVER (TW2-0500-25)
TOYOGO   TW2-0500-25

RT.BSB. 25S TW RT.BOX W/COVER (TW2-0500-25)

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TOYOGO TW Rectangle Box with Cover, a culinary masterpiece that blends functionality with style. These food-grade containers are the ultimate choice for food storage and takeaway needs.

Designed with both home cooks and restaurant professionals in mind, the TOYOGO TW Rectangle Box with Cover offers a versatile and convenient solution. Whether serving a family meal or packing delicious takeaways, these containers ensure freshness, safety, and presentation. The thoughtful design and quality materials make them a hygienic option, fulfilling your culinary requirements without compromising on aesthetics.

The secure cover provides a snug fit, maintaining the flavor and integrity of the contents. Trust TOYOGO to enhance your kitchen's efficiency and elegance. It's not just a container; it's an essential part of your culinary journey.

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Material: 100% Polypropylene(PP)
FDA Approved
Microwave safe:
Product of: Singapore
Manufactured in: Malaysia
Instructions: Wash this product before using for using for the first time


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