MINI PAIL (2PC/PKT) (024-2)
TOYOGO   024-2

MINI PAIL (2PC/PKT) (024-2)

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Introducing the TOYOGO Mini Pail – your trusted companion for an immaculate living space. Designed to excel in various settings, from home cleaning and housekeeping to corporate offices and car washes, this versatile pail is a must-have in every household. Crafted from premium quality plastic, it epitomizes durability, ensuring it stands up to the demands of everyday use.

The TOYOGO Pail boasts a lightweight and leak-proof design, guaranteeing minimal drips and spills during transportation. Available in a range of capacities, you can select the perfect size to match your unique requirements, making cleanliness a breeze.

Distinguishing itself with TOYOGO's hallmark features – rust-proof, termite-resistant, and waterproof – this pail is the embodiment of affordability and functionality. It addresses the essential needs of families, providing a cost-effective solution to maintain a hygienic environment.

Experience convenience, portability, and easy maintenance with the TOYOGO Pail, a testament to our commitment to delivering practical, innovative solutions. Enhance your cleaning routine with this essential tool that ensures a cleaner and more organized home with every use.

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Material: Polypropylene(PP)
FDA Approved X
Product of: Singapore
Manufactured in: Malaysia


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