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Introducing TOYOGO's Industrial Container, your perfect companion for versatile and efficient storage. This container is designed to endure both light-duty and heavy-duty usage, delivering a reliable and robust storage solution for a variety of your needs.

Crafted from High-Quality plastic materials, the Industrial Container offers exceptional durability and resilience. Whether storing heavy or lightweight items, it maintains its integrity and promises consistent, long-lasting performance. Set apart by its unique selling points—rust-proof, termite-resistant, and weatherproof—the Industrial Container delivers durability that goes beyond the norm. These features enhance the container's lifespan and reliability, providing a significant return on your investment.

The Industrial Container provides generous space and incorporates stackable units, an intelligent design choice that maximizes storage capacity. This container is an efficient solution for your space utilization needs, accommodating items of varying sizes and quantities. Despite its substantial storage capacity and robust structure, the Industrial Container remains impressively lightweight, allowing for easy transportation as needed. Maintenance is straightforward, too—simply clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent to keep the container in top condition.

Choose TOYOGO's Industrial Container for a resilient, adaptable, and easily maintained storage solution that efficiently meets your everyday needs.

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FDA Approved
Product of:Singapore
Manufactured in:Malaysia

External Size: L62 X W42.5 X H16cm

Internal Size Top: L58 X W38.5 X H15cm

Internal Size Bottom: L58 X W38.5 X H15cm

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