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Discover an enhanced approach to storage with TOYOGO's Industrial Container, a versatile and efficient storage solution designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Engineered for both light-duty and heavy-duty usage, this container stands as a robust ally for all your storage requirements.

Made with High-Quality plastic materials, the Industrial Container showcases remarkable durability and resilience. It stands unfazed by the weight or nature of the items stored, ensuring consistent, long-term performance. This container is unique as it is rust-proof, termite-resistant, and has weatherproof features. These attributes boost the product's lifespan and reliability, offering an unmatched return on your investment.

The Industrial Container boasts considerable dimensions and a valuable feature - stackable units. This design maximizes its storage capacity, providing an optimal space utilization solution. Despite its strong structure and generous storage capacity, the Industrial Container remains astonishingly lightweight. This allows for easy transportation as per your needs. Maintenance is also a breeze - a simple wipe with a damp cloth or mild detergent is enough to keep the container clean and in optimal condition.

Choose TOYOGO's Industrial Container for a sturdy, adaptable, and easily maintained storage solution that seamlessly aligns with your everyday needs.

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FDA Approved
Product of:Singapore
Manufactured in:Malaysia

External Size: L64 X W40.5 X H16.5cm

Internal Size Top: L59 X W36.5 X H15.5cm

Internal Size Bottom: L59 X W36.5 X H15.5cm

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