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The TOYOGO Industrial Basket is your ultimate answer to versatile and efficient storage needs. Whether you are looking to streamline your workspace, declutter your home, or improve organization in an industrial setting, this storage solution is ready to meet your demands.

Made from High-Quality plastic materials, the Industrial Basket promises durability like no other. It is designed to withstand both light-duty and heavy-duty usage without compromising on its structural integrity. This ensures a lasting storage solution that is robust and reliable. This Industrial Basket boasts unique selling points such as rust-proof, resistant to termites, and weatherproof, effectively protecting your stored items from harmful elements. Whether it's documents, tools, or personal items, they are safe and secure in the TOYOGO Industrial Basket.

The stackable design allows you to make the most of your space, thereby enhancing storage efficiency. Despite its sturdiness, the basket is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring it's easily portable and convenient to move around.

As for maintenance, it's as simple as it can get. All it needs is a quick wipe with a damp cloth or a mild detergent to keep it clean and ready for storage. If you're after a practical, efficient, and durable storage solution, look no further than the TOYOGO Industrial Basket.

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Material: Polypropylene(PP)
FDA Approved
Product of: Singapore
Manufactured in: Malaysia

L25 X W17 X H11cm

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