8 IN 1 HANGER W/CLIP (910)
TOYOGO   910

8 IN 1 HANGER W/CLIP (910)

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Designed with a modern touch and crafted from High-Quality plastic materials, the TOYOGO 8-In-1 Hanger w/Clip is not just another piece in your closet, it's a testament to excellent craftsmanship and attention to functionality.

Its durable construction ensures it can bear the test of time and frequent use. This 8-In-1 Hanger w/Clip comes with an edge – it's rust-proof, termite-resistant, and weatherproof. Despite its robust build, this hanger doesn't compromise on aesthetics or ease of maintenance. It boasts an easy-to-clean surface, so a simple wipe is all it takes to keep it looking new. Whether you're looking to organize your daily wear, formal attire, or those special garments, the TOYOGO 8-In-1 Hanger w/Clip is your reliable companion in ensuring they hang in style and care. Upgrade your wardrobe organisation game today!

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Material: Polypropylene(PP)
FDA Approved X
Product of: Singapore
Manufactured in: Malaysia


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