4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)
TOYOGO   994-4-BBB

4 TIER DOC RACK (994-4)

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Crafted from High-Quality plastic materials, the TOYOGO DIY 4 Tier Doc Rack is designed to withstand both light-duty and heavy-duty usage, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your home or workplace.

The rack is rust-proof, termite resistant, and weatherproof, providing you with peace of mind that your stored items are safe and protected. Plus, its open concept design offers easy access and visibility to your belongings. It also boasts multiple tiers that maximize storage capacity. Whether you need a place for your office supplies, kitchen utensils, or personal belongings, it offers ample space to keep things organized.

Portability is a breeze with this lightweight rack. You can effortlessly move it around to suit your space or redecorating needs. A practical choice for anyone looking to optimize their storage needs. Invest in this multifunctional rack and enjoy the harmony of functionality.

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FDA ApprovedX
Product of:Singapore
Manufactured in:Malaysia

L47.5 X W35.7 X H92cm

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