36"X 48" GARBAGE BAG 0.35/19 (YK3648)
36"X 48" GARBAGE BAG 0.35/19 (YK3648)
36"X 48" GARBAGE BAG 0.35/19 (YK3648)

36"X 48" GARBAGE BAG 0.35/19 (YK3648)

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Introducing the 36"X 48" Garbage Bag - Your Robust Solution for Heavy-Duty Waste Management!

Upgrade your waste disposal experience with this Garbage Bag, designed to handle the toughest waste challenges with ease. Crafted from thick, premium-quality materials, this garbage bag is your go-to choice for heavy-duty usage, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free waste management solution.

Engineered for durability, this thick-quality garbage bag can effortlessly handle heavy and bulky waste, making it ideal for demanding waste disposal needs.

Experience the confidence of a garbage bag that can handle anything you throw at it. Choose this Garbage Bag for heavy-duty waste disposal - a sturdy and dependable solution that never compromises on quality.

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L91.4 X W121.9cm


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